La Cienega Blvd Green Infrastructure Corridor

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Project Location

The La Cienega Blvd Green Infrastructure Corridor Project is located in the Ladera Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles within the Ballona Creek watershed that totals about 130 square miles, has very limited existing stormwater infrastructure. Surface runoff is discharged into the Centinela Creek Channel which ultimately drains into Santa Monica Bay. The area is adjacent to both the City of Inglewood and unincorporated Los Angeles County land within Council District 11 (CD11).

Project Description

The Project, led by the City of Los Angeles Sanitation and Environment, is part of the Safe Clean Water Municipal Program. This Project will install infrastructure along La Cienega Boulevard to improve stormwater management, infiltration and community enhancements. The project area is a 0.45-mile stretch of La Cienega Boulevard in the Ladera Heights neighborhood of the City Los Angeles (City). The proposed Project will install several types of stormwater capture and permeability-promoting features including drywells, swales, median planters, and permeable pavers. The project scope will also include flood control measures to alleviate flooding in the local area. Two catch basins, and the 15" RCP that connects them, will be upsized to capture the peak flow. The 15" RCP will be increased to 18" and a CIPP lining of the existing 18" pipe to the mainline will also be included. This Project has strong community support. A community organization has been formed has expressed an interest in adopting the street’s median, which is currently filled with dry vegetation, overgrown bushes, and trash.

Project Goals and Benefits

The Project will:

  • Improve infiltration of stormwater to the groundwater has a significant benefit to the Los Angeles area. Because portions of Southern California rely on extracting groundwater, recharging aquifers is an important way to reduce dependence on imported water, particularly during drought years.
  • Improve water quality and create Public Health benefits by cleaning up contaminated water, providing additional new green space, and help the community mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change through increasing shade and green space.
  • Multi-benefit Project that prioritizes Nature-Based Solutions.
  • This Project also provides benefits to the adjacent neighborhood through aesthetic community enhancement, increased pedestrian connectivity, and reduction of risks to pedestrians.

Project Funding

The project is funded by the Los Angeles County Safe Clean Water Program.

If you’d like to receive additional information, please contact and place “La Cienega Blvd Green Infrastructure Corridor” in the subject line.

To learn more about the projects funded by the Los Angeles County Safe Clean Water Program, please visit LA County’s Safe Clean Water Program’s project map.