Haynes Street Greenway Project

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Project Location

The Haynes Street Greenway Project is a community greenway located in a residential neighborhood in Woodland Hills (CD 3). A City-owned parcel at 19941 Haynes Street, is currently an undeveloped lot that covers a 9- foot box culvert which runs under Haynes Avenue to the LA River.

Project Description

The Project, led by the City of Los Angeles Sanitation and Environment, is part of the Safe Clean Water Municipal Program. The project consists of a greenway that will highlight the transformative use of a city-owned vacant parcel into a multi-beneficial project designed to integrate water quality improvements with aesthetic enhancements and increased community recreational use. The greenway will include vegetation, trees, a walking path, bioswales, sitting areas, a decorative gate, and perimeter fencing through a design build project delivery.

Project Goals and Benefits

The Project will:

  • Ensure our communities are greener and healthier by turning a disused parcel into a neighborhood space.
  • Implements the planting vegetation and trees to remove CO2 to ameliorate climate change and providing shade to lessen the heat island effect.

Project Funding

The project is funded by the Los Angeles County Safe Clean Water Program.

If you’d like to receive additional information, please contact san.safecleanwater@lacity.org and place “Haynes Street Greenway Project” in the subject line.

To learn more about the projects funded by the Los Angeles County Safe Clean Water Program, please visit LA County’s Safe Clean Water Program’s project map.