East 6th Street Green Corridor Project

East 6th Street hero image

Project Location

The East 6th Street Green Corridor Project is a wet weather project design to capture, treat, and infiltrate stormwater runoff from a 23.05-acre drainage area. The Project lies within the Boyle Heights Neighborhood of the City of Los Angeles, on 6th Street and encompassed by both Council District 14 and the Upper Los Angeles River Watershed Area (ULARA)..

Project Description

The Project, led by the City of Los Angeles Sanitation and Environment, is part of the Safe Clean Water Municipal Program. The proposed concept suggests installing street trees, bioswales, and curb bump outs at intersections along E 6th Street. This Project will provide Water Quality and Public Health benefits by capturing, treating and infiltrating contaminated surface stormwater runoff. The recommended BMPs for the Project include drywells, street trees, and bioswales to capture, treat, and infiltrate dry weather and wet weather runoff. The use of these BMPs will improve water quality by removing pollutants that would otherwise reach local water bodies.

Project Goals and Benefits

The Project will:

  • Improve water quality through the implementation of BMPs to remove pollutants before they reach local water bodies.
  • Add bioswales, which will utilize drought-tolerant landscaping thus helping with the heat island effects.
  • Provide more trees for improving air quality and providing shade.
  • Create jobs for local communities.
  • Enhance the local characteristics of the community.
  • Beautify the corridor to provide safe access from nearby schools to Hollenbeck Park.

Project Funding

The project is funded by the Los Angeles County Safe Clean Water Program.

If you’d like to receive additional information, please contact san.safecleanwater@lacity.org and place “East 6th Street Green Corridor Project” in the subject line.

To learn more about the projects funded by the Los Angeles County Safe Clean Water Program, please visit LA County’s Safe Clean Water Program’s project map.