SCWP Funding Opportunities

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The County of Los Angeles’ Safe, Clean Water Program includes the following funding opportunities:

Regional Program Funding

Fifty percent of Los Angeles County’s Safe, Clean Water Program revenues are used to fund stormwater quality and capture projects, project concepts and scientific studies at the watershed level. Ten percent of the revenues are allocated for LA County Flood Control District to administer the program and oversee capacity building programs including a public education program, local workforce job training and school education programs.

Los Angeles County has designated nine local watersheds for this program, three of which (Central Santa Monica Bay, South Santa Monica Bay and Upper Los Angeles River) are within the city of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles County administers an annual regional Call for Projects. To learn more about this annual program, its requirements and deadlines, please visit the Los Angeles County’s Regional Program Call for Projects web page.

Municipal Program Funding

Forty percent of Los Angeles County’s Safe, Clean Water Program’s revenues are allocated directly to municipalities, including the City of Los Angeles, to fund local stormwater projects and programs. This portion of funding is distributed to municipalities proportional to the tax revenues collected within their city boundaries.

The municipal programs and projects eligible for Safe, Clean Water Program funding include:
  • The development, design and construction of rainwater capture projects
  • The operation and maintenance of pre-existing projects built to comply with clean water mandates
  • Any other programs, projects or studies related to improving and protecting water quality in local waterways
Municipalities are required to submit annual budgets, progress and expenditure reports to the County of Los Angeles and to participate in periodic independent audits.

For more information, please visit Los Angeles County’s Safe, Clean Water Program estimated revenues web page.