Machado Ecosystem Lake Rehabilitation Project

This project is located at the Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park in the Harbor City and Wilmington communities of Los Angeles. The park is approximately 290 acres and contains the 45-acre Machado Lake. The primary goal of the project is to improve the water quality in Machado Lake, maintaining TMDL compliance, while enhancing the surrounding natural habitat and the recreational features of the park.  Highly treated recycled water from Terminal Island's Advanced Water Purification Facility will be used as makeup for lake evaporation, eliminating the use of potable water for this purpose.



The lake improvements include dredging approximately 239,000 cubic yards of sediment, capping the lake bottom with an AquaBlok bio-layer cap, constructing oxygenation and phosphorous removal systems, and rehabilitating the dam structure at the south end of the lake. Storm drain facility improvements involve installing treatment systems at the major storm drain inlets to the lake to remove pollutants from the storm water before it enters the lake. The vegetation, habitat, and park improvements include invasive plant removal, replanting of native species, park landscaping and irrigation, and installation of park fixtures such as fishing piers, fencing, walkways, and interpretive signage.