Los Angeles Wastewater Integrated Network Systems (LAWINS)

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LA Sanitation (LASAN)  operates and maintains approximately 6,700 miles of pipeline, 49 pump stations and four water reclamation plants to serve more than four million people. The City is replacing its aging control systems, portions of which are more than 25 years old, with a new Distributed Control System (DCS) that will ultimately monitor and control thousands of assets within LASAN facilities.


Honeywell International Incorporated was awarded the 15–year LAWINS contract in December of 2011. The 15-year contract includes design, engineering, procurement, commissioning, maintenance and upgrades for control systems of all LASAN facilities.


The driving factors for the project were:


  • Managing system obsolescence
  • Managing costs of technology upgrades
  • Efficiency – doing more with less
  • Increasing regulations, reporting requirements, security and emergency response


The LAWINS project consists of five segments, one segment for each of the four wastewater treatment plants, plus a segment for the collection system.


The major items in each segment scope of work include:


  1. Documenting over 60,000 wire terminations.
  2. Design and replace existing control systems hardware and field cabinetry.
  3.  Development of all systems software and migration of historical archive plant data.
  4. Design of control strategies and programming of new application (control code) and plant graphic control screens.
  5. Design and installation of fiber optic backbone at all treatment plants.
  6. Integration of critical process data to the LASAN business network.
  7. Provide system upgrades (both hardware and software), patches and updates to the installed control systems over the 15-year maintenance period.
  8. In year 13, all hardware and software systems will be upgraded to the most current version available from Honeywell.
  9. Spare parts will be provided based on the failure rate of system components for eight years after the 15 years.
  10. Commencement of warranty for two years.