Sewer Science Program

As part of its ongoing pollution prevention efforts, LA Sanitation (LASAN) provides water quality-related educational programs to local schools.


LASAN's Sewer Science Program encourages students to learn more about water quality and their impact on the environment. The program teaches students about science and technology in relationship to environmental issues. This encourages students to take responsibility for their disposal habits and introduces them to careers in the wastewater industry. Students will learn the significance of water, the treatment processes, and their impact on the environment.

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The original concept of “Sewer Science” came from an inspired Atherton, California science teacher who created it for Palo Alto’s Regional Water Quality Control Plant. The City of Los Angeles adopted the program in 2003. Since then, the City has customized the program to better fit its needs in the areas of the experiment schedule, the student workbook and teacher manuals, and the laboratory test kit.

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The LA Sanitation Sewer Science Program advances environmental awareness and stewardship.  It is an inter-disciplinary microbiology, chemistry, physics, and environmental curriculum designed to stress the importance of pollution prevention to high school students.


The program is designed to build skills in the following areas while serving the community:

  • Public speaking
  • Leadership
  • Networking

It also grooms future environmental professionals and leaders; City Engineers volunteer as mentors to work with the students and teach them more about the field of engineering.