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About the ELC

We created the Environmental Learning Center (ELC) to teach children and adults about sustainable water and solid resources management in Los Angeles. The ELC was developed as an engaging, interactive learning environment that not only explains sustainable principles for everyday life, but also demonstrates these principles. So as visitors look around, they will see water and solid materials recycling on-site, conservation practiced continuously, environment-friendly building materials and a green roof, and many more examples of sustainable principles in action. Visitors to the Environmental Learning Center will gain a greater understanding of the City’s work to protect public health and the environment.

Through interactive exhibits, our visitors will learn the essential role of every individual for the future of clean water treatment and conservation, watershed protection and the management of our solid resources. We believe that visitors to the Environmental Learning Center will discover an amazing resource for environmental education. We hope that after visiting, thousands of Angelenos of all ages will be inspired to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives, thus becoming much needed -- and much more effective -- stewards of the environment.

Mission Statement
The Environmental Learning Center’s vision is to become the leading center for environmental education while inspiring future generations to protect public health and the environment through their commitment to conservation and environmental stewardship.

The City of Los Angeles dedicated the ELC to the City residents for the possibility of inspiring future generations to protect public health and the environment through sustainable behaviors.

Meet The Team

Director - Ronald S. Mayuyu, P.E.
As the Director of the ELC, Mr. Mayuyu oversees daily operations. He has over 18 years experience working for LA Sanitation. He also worked as the project engineer overseeing the design and fabrication of the exhibits for LA Sanitation and managing the launch of the ELC.

You can reach Mr. Mayuyu at ronald.mayuyu@lacity.org.

Project Coordinator - Robin McManus

Robin McManus brings over 14 years of experience in education and curriculum as the ELC's Education Coordinator. She is currently developing engaging curriculum that supports this incredible, hands-on resource, the ELC, The curriculum will support the newest CORE and Next Generation Science Standards. Ms. McManus is also available to personally meet with educators to assist with developing their own curriculum to enhance their ELC visit.

You can reach Ms. McManus at robin.mcmanus@lacity.org.

Tour Guide - Nancy Carr

Nancy Carr has been educating tour groups about Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant for over seven years. She is an expert on the plant's history and also serves as a guide for ELC tours. Nancy always enjoys sharing information and educating new groups about the plant and the ELC.

You can reach Ms. Carr at nancy.carr@lacity.org

Administrative Manager - Kenneth Jeong

Mr. Jeong is responsible for overseeing all ​administrative aspects that keep the ELC operating. Some of his primary areas of responsibility include purchasing, operations, and personnel. ​Mr. Jeong has worked for the Los Angeles Environmental Learning Center at Hyperion for 5 years. He is an avid cyclist and enjoys traveling.