Operation Healthy Streets (OHS)


Operation Healthy Streets (OHS) was implemented in 2012 as a robust homeless community outreach program designed to provide adequate notice and identify high-risk people in need of services and assistance.


The City of Los Angeles developed and deployed this program with specialized teams from LA Sanitation (LASAN), the Bureau of Street Services, Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Fire Department, and other agencies to effectively reduce the impacts of encampments in the Skid Row area (as identified in the Los Angeles County Public Health Report) on public health, fire hazard, hazardous materials, and safety.


A three-step approach includes:


  1. Outreach and notification
  2. Sidewalk cleaning and clean-up of public safety hazards
  3. Maintenance of cleaned streets, including a comprehensive outreach component


This model of developing City task forces to address quality of life issues has proved a successful model. Continued achievement requires an ongoing maintenance plan, outreach, education, and collaboration with the community, public, private and non-profit organizations.

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