Clean Up Green Up (CUGU)

In 2016, the LA City Council approved Ordinance #184246 which “authorizes the establishment of a Clean Up Green Up (CUGU) Supplemental Use District within Boyle Heights, Pacoima/Sun Valley, and Wilmington to reduce cumulative health impacts resulting from incompatible land uses.”
LA Sanitation & Environment's CUGU program is a component of the larger Environmental Justice Program. The goal of CUGU is to keep people healthy, communities clean and businesses prospering all at the same time. CUGU focuses on Pollution Prevention, Pollution Reduction & Economic Revitalization while providing businesses with assistance in complying with regulatory requirements.

The purpose of the CUGU District is to reduce cumulative health impacts resulting from land uses including, but not limited to, concentrated industrial land use, on-road vehicle travel, and heavily freight-dominated transportation corridors, which are incompatible with the sensitive uses to which they are in close proximity, such as homes, schools and other sensitive uses.

The ordinance established an ombudsperson position within LASAN to support local businesses with the following:
  • helps businesses access financial and technical support to improve their operations and bottom line
  • assists small businesses in navigating complex permitting processes, and in complying with regulatory standards
  • responds to community complaints about nuisance businesses and coordinates with city departments and regulators to enforce any violations
Clean Up Green Up