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Biodiversity is the variety of plants, animals, and other species interacting with their environment to maintain the balance of nature. In cities, these environments include the natural areas, urban landscapes, and other built environments that these species call home.

The City of Los Angeles is fortunate to be located within a globally recognized hotspot of native biodiversity. While Los Angeles is a biodiversity jewel, this designation also means that the biodiversity here is threatened, and innovative strategies are needed to ensure its resilience and sustainability. The survival and well-being of the City’s residents also depend on ecosystem services provided by biodiversity:

  • air pollution reduction
  • adapting to a changing climate
  • mental health and educational opportunities
  • water cleansing
  • aesthetic benefits

These services are built directly from an integrated ecosystem of natural biodiversity and sustainable urban landscapes.
California walnut tree (Photo: Michelle Barton)
LASAN’s Biodiversity Program oversees the City’s efforts to protect and enhance biodiversity.More about About LASAN's Biodiversity Program
Tour of UCLA's Stunt Ranch facility in the Santa Monica Mountains (Photo: Nurit Katz)
LASAN’s Biodiversity Program coordinates with a variety of experts and with a broad network of stakeholders to monitor and steward local biodiversity.More about Biodiversity Partnerships
California sunflower (Photo: Michelle Barton)
Review the latest publications & resources from LASAN’s Biodiversity Program, including the recently released LA Biodiversity Index Baseline Report.More about Biodiversity Publications & Resources
A community scientist at the Ballona Freshwater Marsh (Photo: Michelle Barton)
Participate in upcoming biodiversity events, become a stakeholder, and learn about simple steps you can take to protect local biodiversity.
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