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Miscellaneous Sites

Wilmington Industrian Block 27Wilmington Industrial Park, Block 27

The City is planning to take over this site from the former CRA/LA. The site is located in a 232 acre industrial development in the Wilmington area of the City, known as the Wilmington Industrial Park (WIP). The WIP was declared a Brownfields Demonstration Site by the Los Angeles City Council in July of 2000 in recognition of the need for collaboration among City departments and in addressing the large number of brownfields sites in the Park. The WIP has both great potential for redevelopment and substantial barriers. It is well located, close to the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach with easy access to three freeways and direct connections to rail lines. The Brownfields Program will complete the site investigation to characterize and delineate the existing petroleum contamination from previous industrial uses. The site was previously used as a marine salvage business.