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Former Gas Stations

Pico-Union Park Site

Pico Union 400This site is in the process of being transferred from the former Community Redevelopment Agency. It is currently used as a small community garden. However, historical records show that a gas station operated on the southern portion of the site from approximately 1924 until at least 1955, and an auto repair facility occupied the south east portion of the site from approximately 1933 until at least 1960. Additionally, a dry cleaner operated at the site from about 1942 until 1964. There were no records found indicating that the gas station’s underground storage tanks (USTs), or any USTs which may have been used by the auto repair facility or the dry cleaner were ever removed. There were also no indications that the soil beneath the site has ever been investigated for evidence of UST or other leaks of hazardous or toxic materials.

The Brownfields Program has obtained a USEPA TBA Grant in order to conduct a Phase II ESA for sub-surface contamination by petroleum products and/or dry cleaning solvents. Lead and total petroleum hydrocarbons were detected in subsurface and a cleanup plan was developed to insure the safety of future use.