Former Gas Stations

Howard Site

In 2013, a Phase I ESA was conducted for the property located at 11424-11432 South Main Street, an auto repair, tire shop and recycling center. There was also a geophysical survey conducted to locate underground storage tanks. The assessment has revealed evidence of RECs in connection with the site (historical use as a gas station/auto repair; hydraulic hoists; oil-stained soil; former wash rack/ drain).

Further assessment (soil sampling and trenching) is recommended by the investigation, the disposition/ status of the UST(s) is not known at this time. In addition, hazardous materials containers/ drums should be properly stored and placed in a secondary containment to prevent any further releases. It is also recommended that an asbestos survey of the structures be performed prior to any demolition activities.

1277 W Vernon Ave - Ortiz Jr Auto Repair

new ortiz auto photo 400This site was a former gas station and auto repair facility originated in the 1950’s. It is currently operating as an auto repair facility. In 2001, four (4) USTs were removed from the site.



5700 S Western Ave - Vacant Building

success stories 25The site is temporarily being used by a church. Historically this site was occupied by a service station, electronics distributor, and possibly a dry cleaning facility. The property contained one (1) gasoline UST, which was removed in 2002. Soil samples taken during the tank removal confirmed the soil had been contaminated by the former UST. Brownfields Program applied for and received funding through the EPA’s TBA Program to perform a Phase II ESA to evaluate the extent of contamination from the former UST, and move the property one step closer to redevelopment. The current property owner has plans to redevelop the property into six (6) retail stores, pending a complete site investigation and clean-up.



6121 S Vermont Ave - Former Target Service Station

success stories 28 CORRECTHistorically, a gas station occupied the site from 1963 until the mid-1990s. Four (4) Underground Storage Tanks (USTs), containing gasoline and diesel fuel, were removed from the site in 1996. In 1999, a site assessment was conducted identifying soil contamination from the former USTs, which has prevented the property owner from obtaining loans and permits needed to redevelop the property. Brownfields Program applied for funding through EPA’s TBA Program to perform a Phase II ESA to evaluate the extent of contamination that remains on-site and to determine whether clean-up is needed. Following site investigation and cleanup activities, the owner of the property plans to redevelop the property into mixed-use retail.



6600 S Broadway – Wayne’s Garage

success stories 27This property was the site of a former gas station originating in the 1930s. It is located in a low-income neighborhood among residential and small-scale commercial properties. A junior high school is located one block away. The property was being used for vehicle storage and disposal of household scrap, creating not just an eyesore, but an environmental hazard in the neighborhood. The City of Los Angeles Brownfields Program had found vent pipes during a 2007 Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, indicating possible USTs present. The Partnership issued directive letters to the owners and tracked down the family members who inherited the property. They agreed to hire a consultant to conduct a geophysical survey, which located three USTs. On May 1, 2012, three USTs including one (1) 4,000 gallon gasoline tank, one (1) 3,000-gallon gasoline tank, and one (1) 500-gallon waste oil tank were removed. Based on soil samples that were analyzed, the consultant discovered there had been a release from leaking USTs, but it appeared to be insignificant. This case was recommended for closure. Once closed, this property will be available for reuse.