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Major Economic Development Sites Success Stories

Goodyear Tract

The Goodyear Tract is a 208-acre industrial area located in South Central Los Angeles near the Alameda Corridor. This area is occupied by 325 small industrial businesses, with many small vacant properties and surrounded by residential neighborhoods. A portion of the site was the historic home of the Goodyear factory that closed in 1979. Past manufacturing and industrial uses and the presence of railroad tracks behind the buildings, previously used for bulk loading and unloading of chemical compounds, have raised questions about possible soil contamination. The Brownfields Program has assisted this site by conducting Phase I and Phase II site assessments on properties proposed for redevelopment and applying for grant funds to clean up contaminated sites.

Blossom Plaza

success stories 33Blossom Plaza is an approximately 83,000 square foot, irregularly shaped parcel located in a retail and commercial area of the Los Angeles Chinatown District, adjacent to the Metro Gold Line Chinatown Light Rail Station. The site was originally (1880’s) improved with a commercial structure (used as a store, hotel, and restaurant), and residential structures. From approximately 1930 - 1960, the southeastern corner of the site was occupied by a gasoline service station and auto greasing/tire shop. Four USTs used by the gas station were removed in the 1950’s. A rail spur may have existed on-site to serve historical commercial uses. The remaining portions of the site were occupied by parking lots. The site is currently improved with an unoccupied, one-story restaurant building and asphalt-paved parking lots that are operated as pay lots.

The site was originally owned by the City of Los Angeles. It was sold in 2007 and later went into foreclosure. The City of Los Angeles reacquired the site in 2010 when it purchased the property out of foreclosure proceedings.

The site is primarily impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons and VOCs in groundwater beneath the site which are not attributed to former site activities, and naturally occurring hydrogen sulfide and methane in soil gas, associated with the site's location within the boundaries of the City of Los Angeles Methane Zone. The site has been extensively characterized, including three ASTM compliant Phase I environmental site assessments (ESAs) in 1999; 2008; and 2013 and five Phase II ESAs in 2000; 2001; 2004, 2005. and 2013. Additionally, an aquifer testing and dewatering report was prepared for the site in 2005. Environmental documents prepared for the Site are publicly available on the Department of Toxic Substances Envirostor Database (Case #: 60001902).

A mixed-use development is currently being constructed on the site. The development includes 237 apartments and 20,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space directly adjacent to the Metro Gold Line Chinatown Light Rail Station. For information about the current stage of development of this site: http://urbanize.la/post/blossom-plaza-takes-form-chinatown



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