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Area-Wide Site Assessments

Los Angeles River Brownfields Assessment

success stories 7 rotatedFunds provided by United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) allowed the Brownfields Program to complete an inventory of community-wide screening assessments for 80+ sites along the Los Angeles River, and to perform Environmental Site Assessments on selected sites as a part of the Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan. The project has identified potential sites with redevelopment potential in the vicinity of the Los Angeles River/Cornfields Park area. The project was created in support of the Cornfields/Arroyo Seco Specific Plan conducted by the Planning Department.


LA River Assessments 

LA River Assessment The US EPA has awarded the Program a $400.000 grant to address contaminated sites within the boundaries of the City of Los Angeles. These funds will be used to conduct environmental investigation and cleanup planning at eligible sites.

Several Phase I ESAs have been conducted for the sites that present sustainable reuse opportunities as a part of due diligent efforts. The investigations have identified presence of hazardous materials due to historical industrial use. The potential environmental impacts will be evaluated with respect to the future sites’ use.

Brownfields inventory has been created in support of Ecosystem Restoration for one portion of the Los Angeles River Revitalization Plan. The purpose of the Inventory is to identify areas of potential significant environmental contamination that may require further investigation.


710 Corridor Initiative

710 map This project is a multi-agency partnership aimed at improving the environment and economic conditions of low-income and minority communities along the I-710 transit corridor. The project is offering assistance to owners or operators of leaking underground tanks who have failed to comply with requirements that the tanks be removed and contamination remediated. The project is funded by the California Water Resources Control Board in partnership with the US EPA and local agencies. Within the Los Angeles portion of the Corridor, the Program is contacting owners of properties to make them aware of the funding programs that are available to assist in covering the costs of removing underground tanks as well as assessing and remediating contamination from petroleum products that were in the tanks.

The Partnership created an inventory of abandoned gas station sites within the I-710 Corridor that were vacant or had limited uses. Many sites required further environmental assessment including tank removal or cleanup activities that could be conducted. Several sites were selected in the City of Los Angeles based on the Program recommendations. EPA’s Targeted Brownfields Assessment (TBA) Program and other federal funds were used to complete site assessments including tank removals. In addition to paving the road toward clean-up and redevelopment, I-710 Project’s effort helped identify potential threats to human health in the communities.