Brownfields Success Stories

Brownfields Success Stories 400The Citywide Brownfields Program (Program) has provided assistance in reclaiming a variety of potential and actual brownfield sites throughout disadvantaged areas of the City. For some sites, the Program helped arrange for investigations that showed contamination was unlikely, and so cleared the site for redevelopment. The Program helped determine the probable type(s) and likely extent of contamination. In a few cases, the Program was able to help arrange funding and regulatory assistance involved in cleaning a site of contamination and making it ready for redevelopment into a benefit to the community.

The projects listed in this section have all been completed successfully. These sites are examples of the Program’s projects which have returned contaminated or potentially-contaminated parcels to a state of readiness to participate in the revitalization of a disadvantaged neighborhood or area. These sites represent projects which have already been redeveloped with community-enhancing uses, or have been remediated or determined to need no remediation, and are awaiting redevelopment by other City agencies in coordination with community groups, or by private developers. For the Program’s current and on-going projects, please see the projects listed under the Types of Projects pages.

Please note that the projects listed in the Area-Wide Site Assessment Success Stories cover wide, multi-parcel, multi-site areas which contain multiple individual, site-specific projects. some of which are listed separately under their site-specific categories.

Economic Development Sites

Park Sites

Former Landfills

Miscellaneous Sites