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Citywide Brownfields Program Awarded Additional Grant Funding for Taylor Yard G2 Cleanup
In July 2023, City of Los Angeles Mayor Bass and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Regional Administrator Martha Guzman, joined City and community leaders to celebrate the announcement of a $2 Million U.S. EPA Cleanup Grant to remediate the Taylor Yard G2-Central site, a 13-acre brownfield within a larger 42-acre former rail yard in Council District 1. Since the site was previously used as a former rail yard for numerous years, the soil has been impacted by various chemicals of concern that need to be remediated prior to redevelopment. Remediation efforts are part of the LA River revitalization efforts to provide open space and access to the LA River. To read the full U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Fact Sheet, Click Here!

Taylor Yard G2 pic 1  EPA Announcement 2023

DTSC Equitable Community Revitalization Grants

In June 2022, the Citywide Brownfields Program was awarded a $6.8 million Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) Equitable Community Revitalization Grant (ECRG) to remediate the Slauson Wall site, a City-owned vacant lot, in Council District 9. The Citywide Brownfields Program is also collaborating with University of California Riverside on a phyto-mycoremediation research study to test a soil cleanup method that uses plants and fungi to remediate the soil at Slauson Wall. Upon the completion of the cleanup, the site will be redeveloped into mixed-use residential and commercial development and park. Additionally, the Program also received an approximately $300,000 Community-Wide Assessment Grant to conduct environmental assessments in Environmental Justice communities.

slauson replacement2   Slauson Wall 2

Hollywood Walk of Fame
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provided technical assistance for the Citywide Brownfields Program to perform an environmental assessment on segments of the Hollywood Walk of Fame along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. This will support the revitalization efforts in the public right of way to improve public transportation access, decrease traffic congestion and improve pedestrian accessibility. To read the USEPA Fact Sheet, Click Here!

H&H1     H&H2   

Former Crocker Plating Works Factory
In May 2021, the Brownfields Program was awarded a $500,000 Cleanup Grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency
which will be used to remediate the Site. Upon the completion of the cleanup of contaminants that may be harmful to human health and the environment, the Site will be redeveloped into permanent supportive housing for residents in Council District 9. To read the USEPA Fact Sheet, Click Here!

Crocker Site Photo 2

US EPA Brownfields Cleanup Grant

On May 6, 2020, the Citywide Brownfields Program was awarded a $500,000 EPA Brownfields Cleanup Grant. The grant has been secured to remediate approximately 6.1 acres along the Paseo del Rio area as part of the Los Angeles River Revitalization effort. The site has been contaminated with various chemicals, metals and volatile organic compounds. The City of Los Angeles has partnered with more than 60 stakeholder groups to provide insight into the potential benefits of the completed project, including public green space, recreation, restored natural habitat, stormwater management, flood protection and river access. To read the full U.S. Environmental Protection Agency News Release, Click Here!

Grand Opening of the “Adopt-A-Lot” North Hills Community Space and Garden
On February 7, 2020, Citywide Brownfields Program helped celebrate the Grand Opening of the “Adopt-A-Lot” North Hills Community Space and Garden. With the collaborative efforts of Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez and nonprofit partners, the City-owned vacant lot was converted into a community gathering space with garden beds, flexible play pieces, seating benches with attached umbrellas, a long picnic table with benches, and open field to promote free play. Citywide Brownfields Program aided in the transformation by conducting environmental due diligence to ensure that the site was safe for reuse. To read more about the recent success story, Click Here!  

North Hills Grand Opening Speaker
Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez (left) & community members celebrate the grand opening
  Balloons Wide
Features of North Hills Community Space & Garden were selected by community members.

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western gage 2
Future Western  Gage Gateway Park
  Wilmington Block Remediation

Wilmington Industrial Park 27


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Brownfields Insurance

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Brownfields Tax Incentive

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