Brownfield sites pose complex challenges including lack of funding and increased scrutiny often associated with the stigma of contamination. Without the right tools and information, brownfield revitalization can create challenges for property owners. The following are some key challenges that can potentially obstruct brownfields development.

  • Environmental Liability Risks
  • Uncertainty & Cost
  • Complicated & Confusing Regulatory Requirements
  • Difficulty Obtaining Project Financing
  • Market Factors and the Lure of Greenfields -Developers frequently search for properties in prime real estate areas. Vacant, blighted properties are often located in distressed areas, which can discourage developers from brownfields and lure developers to build on open land away from urban areas. Additionally, when developers are evaluating new developments, time and money are often key factors. Often times, it may take longer to developer brownfields, which in turn may initially cost more when compared to greenfield development. However, it is important to consider long term economic, social and environmental gains from developing brownfields.
Industrial Block 27 Challenges