Brownfields 101

Sustainable Communities Start Here…Learn More About Brownfields! 
What are brownfields? What are the benefits of brownfields redevelopment? What assistance is available? Get these answers and more by exploring our Brownfields 101. We'll introduce you to brownfields terminology and how the LA Sanitation's Brownfields Program can provide assistance to you and your neighborhood within the City of Los Angeles.
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Get started by learning key brownfield terminology here
More about Terminology
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Blighted and contaminated land harms the vitality and health of a community, while cleaning up and redeveloping brownfields can restore economic and environmental health. Learn how the success of brownfields redevelopment promotes sustainable communities hereMore about Benefits of Brownfield Redevelopment
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Brownfields Program meets brownfields challenges head on with technical assistance through direct assessments and remediation. Learn how to overcome common challenges associated blighted, underutilized lots hereMore about Challenges
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There are several paths to evaluating and cleaning up brownfields. Learn how the Brownfields Program can help brownfield projects overcome obstacles and solve problems hereMore about Remediating Brownfields

How We Can Help

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Brownfields Program provides technical and financial assistance to public, private and nonprofit organizations for properties located within the City if Los Angeles. Learn more about brownfields assistance and funding here.