Plan Documents

In this section you will find descriptions and links to the ten Volumes in the Draft One Water LA 2040 Plan.

Executive Summary

Executive Summary provides an overview of the Final Draft One Water LA 2040 Plan
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Volume 1 - Summary Report

OWLA Vol1 Cover
Volume 1 includes an Executive Summary and a Summary Report of One Water LA 2040 Plan.
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Volume 2 - Wastewater Facilities Plan

OWLA Volume 2 Cover_rev
This Volume takes a comprehensive look at each of the City’s water reclamation plants and recommends upgrades to address future needs.
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Volume 3 - Stormwater and Urban Runoff Facilities Plan

OWLA Vol3 Cover
Volume 3 describes the City’s existing stormwater collection system and identifies the stormwater infrastructure needs for the future.
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Volume 4 - LA River Flow Study

OWLA Volume 4 Cover_rev
Volume 4 identifies considerations, assumptions, and areas of future study necessary to determine optimal flow conditions in the LA River.
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Volume 5 - Integration Opportunities Analysis Details

OWLA Vol5 Cover
Volume 5 contains technical memorandum that were developed to identify and evaluate near and long-term integration opportunities amongst City Departments and Regional Entities.
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Volume 6 - Climate Risk & Resilience Assessment for WW and SW Infrastructure

OWLA Vol6 Cover
Volume 6 includes a climate risk assessment and recommended climate adaptation strategies for the City's wastewater and stormwater assets.
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Volume 7 - Implementation Strategy Supporting Documents

OWLA Vol7 Cover
Volume 7 includes Technical Memoranda on department and agency roles and responsibilities; current and future regulations; recommended policies and programs; and funding opportunities.
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Volume 8 - Technical Support Materials

OWLA Volume 8 Cover_rev
Volume 8 includes Technical Memoranda used to assess Future Flow Conditions, conduct the analysis, and develop recommended policies for On-Site Treatment Systems.
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Volume 9 - Stakeholder Engagement Materials

OWLA Vol9 Cover
You’ll find documentation of all of One Water LA’s public engagement efforts in this Volume.
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Volume 10 - Programmatic Environmental Impact Report

OWLA Volume 10 Cover_rev
Volume 10 is the Programmatic Environmental Impact Report, which will begin development soon.