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Special Topic Groups

The One Water LA Group formed five Special Topic Groups to obtain input from a diverse set of stakeholders on specific issues in the One Water LA Plan. These Special Topic Groups were also formed to tap in to the brain-power and creative thinking of stakeholders interested in advancing how the City does business related to water integration.

Three or more meetings were held for each Special Topic Group, and in conclusion of all meetings, each group was responsible for providing a comprehensive report out at a general stakeholder workshop.

The five Special Topic Groups were focused on the following areas: 

Decentralized Treatment/Reuse

Funding and Cost-Benefit Analysis

Outreach and Communication

Partnerships, Collaboration and Innovation

Stormwater and Urban Runoff Management


Young Citizen Artists Project

One Water LA is partnered with Charter schools and the Los Angeles Unified School District on the Young Citizen Artists Project to challenge students in creating new ideas and solutions to capture, conserve and reuse water at their local schools, neighborhoods and community.

The One Water LA Group shared with students participating in the program (ranging from 4th grade to 7th grade) information about One Water LA and also presented the design challenge to students for joining One Water LA’s efforts to imagine a water-wise future for the city aligned with the One Water LA objectives.

The design challenge focused on the following One Water LA objectives:

  • Improving health of local watersheds by reducing impervious cover, restoring ecosystems, decreasing pollutants in our waterways, and mitigating local flood impacts.
  • Improving local water supply reliability by increasing capture of stormwater, conserving potable water, and expanding water reuse.

The schools participating in the design challenge are:

  • Allesandro Elementary School
  • Santa Rosa Charter Academy
  • Los Feliz Charter Academy for the Arts
  • Camino Nuevo Charter School

On May 17th, 2016, seven teams of students from the four participating schools presented their final projects at the Los Angeles City Hall to a panel of City planners from the L.A. Mayor’s office, the Board of Public Works and LA Sanitation. Projects presented by students incorporating water conservation, stormwater capture and water recycling showed how students, throughout the course of the Young Citizen Artists Project, gained a deeper understanding of LA's water challenges, resources and opportunities to be part of building a more water wise future for the City of Los Angeles.

For more details on final presentations from the students, click here.