Volume 5 - Integration Opportunities Analysis Details

This Volume is comprised of technical memorandum that were developed to identify and evaluate near and long-term integration opportunities amongst City Departments and Regional Entities. Information includes details on project case studies identified for near-term interdepartmental integration, long-term project concept development, and portfolio evaluation methods and criteria.

Table of Contents:OWLA Vol5 Cover
  • Technical Memorandum No.1.3 - Existing Water Projects and Programs
  • Technical Memorandum No.3.1 - Current Integration Opportunities Case Study Selection
  • Technical Memorandum No.3.2 - Current Integration Opportunities Case Studies
  • Technical Memorandum No.5.1 - Basis of Planning
  • Technical Memorandum No.5.2 - Project Development
  • Technical Memorandum No.5.3 - Portfolio Development and Evaluation
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