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Plan Development

Phase 1 (Completion Date: June 2015)

Phase I will strengthen collaboration between City departments, other agencies, and stakeholders to develop initial planning baselines and establish guiding principles for coordinated water management and Citywide facilities planning.

Ongoing outreach is conducted with Neighborhood Councils, environmental organizations and various stakeholders to ensure an adequate representation of Los Angeles' diverse communities.

Phase 2 (Anticipated Completion Date: January 2017)

Phase 2 will consist of technical studies and continuing stakeholder collaboration to identify and compare projects, policies and alternatives. During Phase 2 an updated facilities plan for stormwater and wastewater will be developed.

Additionally, Phase 2 will provide guidance for future water related master plans across Los Angeles.

Phase 2 Tasks
  • Task 1: Existing Conditions & Current Water Activities
  • Task 2: Expected Future Conditions
  • Task 3: Integration of Current Projects & Programs
  • Task 4: Funding Strategies
  • Task 5: Water Integration Strategies & Alternatives
  • Task 6: Cost-Benefit Analysis for Integrated Alternatives
  • Task 7: Wastewater Facilities Plan
  • Task 8: Stormwater & Urban Runoff Facilities Plan
  • Task 9: Relevant Project Timeline
  • Task 10: Implementation Strategies
  • Task 11: Pilot Studies & Reports
  • Task 12: Develop Special Studies
  • Task 13: Citywide Policies and Ordinances
  • Task 14: Develop Supporting Graphics
  • Task 15: Final Plan
  • Task 16: Programmatic Environmental Documentation
  • Task 17: Stakeholder Related Activities 
  • Task 18: Public Outreach & Marketing Strategy
  • Task 19: Project Management
Key Deliverables
  • Water Balance Tool (excel based, easily manipulated for future changes and up-dates).
  • Climate Change impacts on City infra-structure.
  • Integrated Strategy Plan
  • Wastewater Facilities Plan and Capital Improvement Program
  • Stormwater Facilities Plan and Capital Improvement Program.
  • Marketing and Outreach Strategy & Plan.