Plan Development

Phase 1 (Completed 2015)

Phase 1 strengthened collaboration between City departments, regional agencies, and stakeholders to develop initial planning baselines and establish objectives and guiding principles for coordinated water management and Citywide facilities planning.

Phase 2 (Completed 2018)

To make our community a better place to live, we have to keep our water clean, increase local water supplies, and continue greening our communities. This can be done through planning and managing all water as “One Water.” Once complete, the One Water LA 2040 Plan will provide the framework, vision, and implementation strategy required to meet the region's near and long-term water supply challenges.

The One Water LA 2040 Plan will include:
     • Existing Conditions and Current Water Activities
     • Expected Future Conditions
     • Integration of Current Projects & Programs
     • Analysis of Long–term Water Integration Strategies and Alternatives
     • Climate Risk Assessment for Wastewater and Stormwater Facilities
     • Wastewater Facilities Plan
     • Stormwater & Urban Runoff Facilities Plan
     • Project Timeline
     • Implementation Strategies
     • Funding Strategies
     • LA River Flow Study
     • Recommended Policies and Programs
     • Public Engagement and Communications Plans
     • Documentation of Stakeholder Engagement Activities

Phase 3 - Programmatic EIR

A year-long Programmatic Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) process will begin in late 2018/early 2019.