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About Us

One Water LA is a long-term commitment to ensure LA’s water future through collaboration, integration and public involvement, and it includes the One Water LA 2040 Plan that will be completed in 2017 and will provide the direction to achieve the program’s vision. 
Vision Statement

One Water LA is a collaborative approach to develop an integrated framework for managing the City's watersheds, water resources, and water facilities in an environmentally, economically and socially beneficial manner.

One Water LA will lead to smarter land use practices, healthier watersheds, greater reliability of our water and wastewater systems, increased efficiency and operation of our utilities, enhanced livable communities, resilience against climate change and protection of public health.

One Water LA Objectives
  1. Integrate management of water resources and policies by increasing coordination and cooperation between all City departments, partners and stakeholders.
  2. Balance environmental, economic and societal goals by implementing affordable and equitable projects and programs that provide multiple benefits to all communities.
  3. Improve health of local watersheds by reducing impervious cover, restoring ecosystems, decreasing pollutants in our waterways and mitigating local flood impacts.
  4. Improve local water supply reliability by increasing capture of stormwater, conserving potable water and expanding water reuse.
  5. Implement, monitor and maintain a reliable wastewater system that safely conveys, treats and reuses wastewater while also reducing sewer overflows and odors.
  6. Increase climate resilience by planning for climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies in all City actions.
  7. Increase community awareness and advocacy for sustainable water by active engagement, public outreach and education.
one water LA - plan development
To address new water management challenges and new conditions, the planning horizon for One Water LA extends towards the year 2040.More about PLAN DEVELOPMENT
one water LA measurable progress
Find out more about One Water LA accomplishments and activities underway.More about MEASURABLE PROGRESS
one water LA guiding principles image
The Guiding Principles are aligned to each of the seven objectives for One Water LA.More about GUIDING PRINCIPLES