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DCT AWPF Pilot Test Report
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The Final Advanced Water Purification Facility (AWPF) Pilot Study Report for Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation Plant (DCTWRP) includes a second phase of pilot testing to evaluate advanced treatment technologies to select the final advanced treatment train for the DCTWRP AWPF that satisfies regulatory requirements while minimizing cost and maximizing water produced. The final, full-scale facility will be a 25-million-gallon per day (mgd) AWPF treating tertiary effluent from DCTWRP.
FOG Control Summary SP
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FOG Control Summary
(113.4 KB)
WCIP 10-Year Expenditure Plan 2018-19
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The Clean Water Capital Improvement Program (CWCIP) includes capital projects developed for the City's Clean Water facilities. The projects included in this document have been approved by the City's Program Review Committee, comprised of Assistant Directors of LA Sanitation (LASAN) and a Deputy City Engineer. The administration, coordination, and implementation of the projects in the 10-Year WCIP are assigned to various divisions of LASAN and the Bureau of Engineering (BOE) in the Department of Public Works. The Program includes replacement, rehabilitation and expansion of the City's clean water treatment and collection system facilities.
Project Coordinator - Biodiversity
(318.9 KB)
Job description and applications instructions for Project Coordinator - Biodiversity
CEQA Plus Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration for Los Angeles-Glendale Water Reclamation Plant
(82.7 MB)
Don't Flush That - Trifold Brochure
(75.7 MB)
Environmental Engineering Associate
(1.0 MB)
Environmental Engineering Associate - job listing details with application instructions
Easy Recycling Tips - recycLA
(647.1 KB)
Easy recycling tips Learn how to recycle properly
TOS SN-102 "Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant - Acute Toxicity and Ammonia Study and Workplan"
(138.6 KB)
TOS SN-102 - Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant - Acute Toxicity and Ammonia Study and Workplan
IWMD Dental Permit Application
(310.3 KB)
IWMD Waste Permit Application
(8.2 MB)
IWMD Local Industrial User Waste Permit Application
(626.6 KB)
IWMD Online Permit Application Certification FOG/SIU
(75.5 KB)
IWMD Online Permit Application Certification LIU
(75.5 KB)
IWMD Industrial Waste FSE Permit Application
(724.4 KB)
2018 Los Angeles Biodiversity Report
(42.0 MB)
Measurement of the Singapore Index of Cities' Biodiversity and Recommendations for a Customized Los Angeles Index
owla dl 9
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owla dl 8
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owla dl 7
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