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OWLA SW & WW Facilities Plan Mtg PPT_rev
(5.7 MB)
OWLA SW and WW Facilities Plan Mtg PPT
(3.8 MB)
Bulky 2017 CLARTS_4_4_17_Spanish_r3
(1.7 MB)
Bulky 2017 CLARTS_4_4_17_English_r2
(1.6 MB)
Griffith Park Compost Lab Test Results Mar 28 2017
(151.1 KB)
Lake View Terrace Lab Test Results Mar 15 2017
(129.8 KB)
Lopez Canyon Lab Test Results Mar 15 2017
(130.1 KB)
Lopez Agenda April 2017
(215.3 KB)
LCRP Draft Task List 20160907
(25.1 KB)
RSSC Rules & Regulations
(6.7 MB)
The Board of Public Works Rules and Regulations for the administration of the Residential Sewer Service Charge
TOS SN-83 "IWMD Industry Outreach Events"
(114.6 KB)
Fact Sheet 2015 POST-Diversion
(1.4 MB)
Toyon Revised Permit 1695_R4-2012-0107_WDR_PKG
(2.1 MB)
Sheldon Revised Permit 2765_R4-2013-0081_WDR_PKG
(9.3 MB)
Lopez Canyon Revised Permit- 5636_R4-2016-0139_WDR_PKG
(7.3 MB)
Bishops Canyon Permit 4914_R4-2013-0135_WDR_PKG
(8.2 MB)
Gaffey Revised Permit 1001_R4-2013-0136_WDR_PKG
(7.3 MB)
(22.6 KB)
2017-02-15 LCGG No Nutrients Signed
(84.1 KB)
West LA Open House Flyer - CORRECT VERSION
(250.9 KB)