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OWLA Vol9 Cover
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OWLA Mar5 Presentations
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OWLA Mar5 Summary
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OWLA Mar5 Agenda
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OWLA Vol10 Cover
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OWLA Vol8 Cover
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OWLA Vol7 Cover
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OWLA Vol6 Cover
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OWLA Vol5 Cover
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OWLA Vol4 Cover
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OWLA Vol3 Cover
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OWLA Vol2 Cover
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OWLA Vol1 Cover
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WCIP 10-Year Expenditure Plan
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The Waste Water Capital Improvement Program (WCIP) includes capital projects developed for the City's Clean Water (watewater) facilities. The projects included in this document have been approved by the City's Program Review Committee, comprised of Assistant Directors of LA Sanitation (LASAN) and a Deputy City Engineer. The administration, coordination, and implementation of the projects in the 10-Year WCIP are assigned to various divisions of LASAN and the Bureau of Engineering (BOE) in the Department of Public Works. The Program includes replacement, rehabilitation and expansion of the City's wastewater treatment and collection system facilities.
Avian diversity in the City of Los Angeles - Patterns and Data Sources - Kimball Garrett
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Avian diversity in the City of Los Angeles - Patterns and Data Sources presentation by Kimball Garrett
Designing for Birds in the City - Travis Longcore
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Designing for Birds in the City presentation by Travis Longcore
PT Student Engineer flyer
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A description of the PT Student Engineer position with application instructions
Biodiversity Report Launch - Press Release
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A press release announcing the launch of the Los Angeles Biodiversity Report.