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LA Biodiversity Index Baseline Report - June 2022
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TOS SN-160 Scope of Work Desc_Communications Network InstallationSupport
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LA Biodiversity Index Baseline Report - Appendix 2
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LA Biodiversity Index Baseline Report - Appendix 1
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Jose Pepe Garcia head shot
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TOS SN-139 Scope of Work Description_Reissue_Stormwater Public Education and Community Outreach
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LASAN Toys Drive 2022
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LASAN Toys Donation Drive
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TOS SN-148 Scope of Work_Green Waste Processing Facilities Outreach &TechnicalSupport
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Letter sent June 11, 2022 to eligible account holders for the California Water and Wastewater Arrearage Payment Program (CWWAPP)
LASAN Student Engineer flyer 2022
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Student Engineer flyer with description and application instructions
Special Event Request Form
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Special Events Package Price List - updated 060622
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SN-141 Monitoring and Specialized Services CIMPs, TMDLs & SCWP
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LA Biodiversity Index Baseline Report - Stillwater Sciences Memo
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Home Composting Presentation 2019
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PDF of LASAN's Home Composting Presentation, last updated in 2019
Healthy Soils Grant Programs-Incentive Tracker 051622
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A list of grants and incentives for healthy soils programs. Last updated May 19, 2022.
Student Engineer Flyer 2022 800px
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Information about LASAN's Student Engineer part-time position - 2022
2022 LASAN Service Calendar
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2022 Calendar with holidays, services, and programs noted