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BMPs for Pools, Spas, and Fountains
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BMPs for Pools, Spas, and Fountains
TOS SN-105 "Dynac SCADA System Maintenance and Support"
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LEED CP List 11-30-18
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LEED Certified Processor list 11-30-18
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OWLA Home Hero
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(14.2 MB)
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Industrial Waste Permit Application
(820.4 KB)
IWMD Local Industrial User Waste Permit Application
(453.3 KB)
IWMD Industrial Waste FSE Permit Application
(364.3 KB)
OWLA Awards
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OWLA Stakeholder Photo v2
(75.2 KB)
OWLA Stakeholder Photo
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OWLA Briefing Doc
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OWLA 4-Pager
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OWLA 4-Pager Progress Summary
(2.5 MB)
TOS SN-106 "Revision of IWMD's Environmental Compliance Inspector Training Manual"
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LASAN Roadshow Presentation
(10.8 MB)
Learn all about LA Sanitation and Environment's various programs and projects.
TOS SN-100 " Rancho Park Satellite Water Reclamation Facility Feasibility Study"
(145.8 KB)
LASAN Roadshow Community Engagement Meetings flyer
(2.0 MB)
This flyer lists the dates and times for the community engagement meetings, which are a part of the LA Sanitation & Environment Roadshow.