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Wastewater Services

Sewer Service Charge Adjustment

What We Can Do For You!

If you qualify, the Bureau, through the Financial Management Division (FMD), can make an adjustment to your SSC. FMD is ready to assist you in better explaining how your SSC is billed on your DWP bill. We can also process a request to see if you qualify for some type of SSC adjustment or provide you with information on how to install a private water sub-meter. These procedures should make the billing of the SSC on the DWP bill more accurate. For DWP bill information call 1- 800-DIAL-DWP (342-5397).

Who Do You Call?
Department of Public Works, Bureau of Sanitation
Financial Management Division (FMD) SSC  Hotline  1-800-540-0952 or

What We Need From You!
To make a request for an SSC adjustment, you must submit a request in writing that includes:

  • Name of the Department of Water and Power (DWP) customer
  • Service address of the property
  • Telephone number to reach you from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm (Do you have a time preference?)
  • Authorization for processing (if the requestor is not the DWP billee)
  • Copy of DWP bill

Type of use, reason(s) for adjustment (vacancy / leaks / uses of water that don't go to the sewer, etc.)

Proceed to the commercial or residential form. See additional commercial data needed.

Mail request to: Bureau of Sanitation, Attention: Residential SSC, PO Box 79083, Los Angeles, CA  90079-0083  or  Commercial SSC, PO Box 79112, Los Angeles, CA  90079-0112
Fax request to: 213-485-4269

The Process
You can call the SSC Hotline to get more information.

The Hotline personnel can answer your SSC questions & tell you if your written request has been received and assigned for review. See the FAQs for more info. FMD may request additional information. You will be notified in writing of the determination. If an adjustment is approved, the Department of Water and Power (DWP) will be authorized by FMD to adjust your bill and you will be sent a copy of this approval.

If you disagree with the determination, you will get a chance to appeal.

How Long Will it Take?
To get an adjustment determination or to get a refund, it takes about 4 months for the determination phase and 4 months or more if there is an appeal phase.

Who Can You Talk To?
Call the SSC Hotline at 1 800 540-0952 or  213-473-4181.
If you have problems getting through, call 485-2405, 485-2431, 485-2422 or 485-2395.
E-mail form for general questions:


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