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Toyon Canyon Landfill - Section


Fact Sheet

  • Address: 5050 Mt. Hollywood Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90027 (Griffith Park)
  • Year Opened: 1957
  • Year Closed: 1985
  • Property Size: 4,218 acres (Griffith Park)
  • Fill Area: 90 acres
  • Type of Refuse: Class III
    (residential, street sweepings, construction and demolition materials)
  • Total in Place Capacity: 16,000,000 tons or 30,720,000 yd3
  • Average Depth of Fill: 290 feet
  • Additional Expansion Area: none

Toyon Canyon landfill closure work was completed in December 2008. The landfill gas management system consists of vertical extraction wells feeding a 4 Megawatt electrical generating station and a flare station. Present landfill gas generation is 2,000,000 ft3 per day. Present electrical generation is enough to power 4,500 homes.

Status of Closure Construction

Closure activities for Toyon Canyon Landfill were completed as of December 2008 with a monolithic cover system in accordance with the FCPCMP (Final Closure/Post-Closure Maintenance Plan). In keeping with the LARWQCB's (Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board) conditional approval of the FCPCMP, two moisture monitoring stations were constructed in November and December of 2008. These two moisture monitoring stations require to be checked periodically over the two year monitoring period (December 2008 through December 2010) to ensure that they are recording data for use in a water balance computer model to gauge the performance of the final cover system in prohibiting infiltration of moisture into the waste mass. Work currently being done at the site involves QA/QC (Quality Assurance/Quality Control) tasks, maintenance of landscaping/irrigation systems and landfill gas collection systems, and minor grading work where necessary to maintain adequate stormwater drainage. The Construction Completion Report documents closure construction work completed by the Bureau of Sanitation as specified in the Construction Quality Assurance Plan of the FCPCMP.

Potential Future Use:

Public use facilities, low intensity open meadow area intended for passive recreational activities.

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Closure Construction

After Closure Completion

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