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Solid Resources Processing & Construction Division
City of Los Angeles - Bureau of Sanitation

Fact Sheet

  • Address: 929 Academy Rd. Los Angeles, CA 90012
  • Year Opened: 1966
  • Year Closed: 1969
  • Property Size: 585 acres (Elysian Park)
  • Property Size: 45 acres
  • Fill Area: 28 acres
  • Type of Refuse: Class III
    (residential, street sweepings, construction and demolition materials)
  • Total Capacity: 1,700,000 tons
  • Average Depth of Fill: 130 feet
  • Additional Expansion Area: none

The landfill gas management system consists of an active ventilation system consisting of several wells connected to a blower to control landfill gas migration.

Bishops Canyon closure construction is completed. The site has been converted into a state of the art recreational facility.

Present and Future Use:

Open space for active recreation, including multi-use athletic fields. Open meadows for various forms of free play, extensive covered and open air picnic areas, four children's play lots and interconnecting trails.

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Before Redevelopment

After Redevelopment

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