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Special Materials: Hazardous Waste

What are Special Materials?

Warning: Disposing of household chemicals in your trash, storm drains or sewers damages the environment, and is AGAINST THE LAW. Illegal dumping carries a minimum fine of $5000 per day per violation up to $100,000 per day per violation or imprisonment (Section 25189.5, Health & Safety Code).

Everyday household products that are under your kitchen sink or in your garage, items such as paint, paint thinners, cleaners and solvents, used oil, furniture polish and unwanted electronic equipment are household hazardous wastes (HHW).

Not In Your Trash!

HHW that you wish to discard should not be placed in your regular trash. Such wastes can be corrosive, toxic, ignitable, flammable, or reactive and co-mingling them with your regular trash could create a dangerous situation. Much of your regular trash goes to landfills where HHW can contaminate soil and seep into ground water.

What is not Household Hazardous Waste

Items such as explosives, ammunition, bio-medical and pathological wastes, radioactive materials, tires, yard waste and ordinary household garbage are not household hazardous waste.

What You Should Do

The Bureau of Sanitation has established a number of permanent collection sites throughout the City, known as S.A.F.E. CENTERS. These S.A.F.E. CENTERS are open every weekend and provide a timely and convenient way to dispose of your waste. In addition, the Bureau of Sanitation sponsors periodic mobile collection events throughout the City, where residents can drop-off their waste to be disposed properly.

What You Need To Know About SHARPS

Learn about lancets, syringes, needles and other Sharps disposal. Click a language below to learn more.
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