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Refuse Services

Extra Capacity Containers
Extra Black, Green or Blue Containers

Residences serviced by the City of Los Angeles receive standard allowance of containers free of charge. The standard allowance for single family dwelling are one 60-gallon black trash container, one 90-gallon green yard trimmings container, and one 90-gallon blue recycling container. The standard allowance for multi-family dwelling are one 60-gallon black trash container per dwelling unit, one 90-gallon green yard trimming container per lot, and one 90-gallon blue container for every four dwelling units. Any additional capacity beyond the standard allowance is considered Extra Capacity container. Extra Capacity containers are available for an additional charge. Black extra capacity trash containers are $5.00 per month per 30 gallons. Green extra capacity yard trimmings containers are $2.50 per month per 30 gallons. Blue extra capacity recycling containers are available at no additional charge. Brown Horse Manure containers are available upon request at a charge of $10.00 per 60 gallons. The extra capacity black, green, and brown containers are subject to six months obligation. To order Extra Capacity containers, please call the Bureau of Sanitation Call Center at 1-800-773-2489, from Monday through Friday, between 7:30 a.m. and 4:45 p.m., at least one day before your regular collection day. You could also send us your Extra Capacity container request by clicking on the Service Request Form link indicated below. Fill out and submit the Service Request form. The Service Request form takes two days to be processed.

Sanitation Customer Service Call Center
No Public Counter
Los Angeles, CA 90013
T.F. (800) 773-2489
Ctx (213) 473-4180
TDD (213) 473-4112

Email SAN.CallCenter@LACity.Org
Globe Service Request Form
Hours of Operation Monday - Friday, 07:30a.m. -4:45p.m.
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