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Solid Resources Fee (SRF) Information

The current Solid Resources Fee (SRF) rates, as of September 8, 2008, are $36.32/month for single family dwellings and duplexes and $24.33/month for Multiple Dwellings (3 or more units). ORD 180,116 (Adopted 8-6-08, Eff. 9-8-08)

- - - - - - - 2011 SRF Notice - - - - - - -
Pursuant to Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 66.40 et seq., the City of Los Angeles (“City”) charges residents receiving City sanitation services a Solid Waste Collection, Transfer, Recycling Recovery of Waste Resources and Disposal Fee (“Solid Resource Fee” or “Fee”). The bimonthly charge for the Solid Resource Fee is a separate line item (called “Solid Resources Fee”) found on your Los Angeles Department of Water and Power bill under the page heading entitled “City of Los Angeles Municipal Services”. (The Fee billed may vary between billing cycles, depending on the length of the applicable billing cycle).

You should not be charged a Solid Resource Fee if you live in a multiple-family dwelling that does not currently receive Bureau of Sanitation refuse collection service from the City. If you do not know whether you receive refuse collection from the Bureau of Sanitation, or if you have any questions about the Solid Resource Fee, believe that you are entitled to an exemption for this Fee, and/or believe that you are being charged this Fee in error (or in an erroneous amount), please call the Bureau of Sanitation at 1 800 773-2489 (1 800 773-CITY); TTD (1 213 473-5663). (Available Monday - Friday, 07:30a.m. - 04:45p.m.).

Según el Código Municipal de la Ciudad de Los Ángeles, Artículo 66.40 y ss., la Ciudad de Los Ángeles (“Ciudad”) cobra a los residentes de la Ciudad que reciben servicios de saneamiento de Residuos Sólidos que son Recolección, traslado, reciclaje, recuperación de los recursos y la tarifa de disposición de Residuos (“Tarifa de Recursos Sólidos” o “Tarifa”). El cobro bimestral de la Tarifa de Recursos Sólidos se encuentra en su factura del Departamento de Agua y Luz de la Ciudad de Los Ángeles en la partida titulada “City of Los Angeles Municipal Services” en el renglón titulado “Solid Resources Fee”. (La Tarifa facturada puede variar entre los ciclos de facturación, dependiendo de la duración del ciclo a facturar).

No se deberá cobrar la Tarifa de Recursos Sólidos si usted reside en una vivienda de apartamentos que no recibe el servicio de recolección de basura de la Agencia de Saneamiento de la Ciudad. Si usted no sabe si recibe el servicio de recolección de basura de la Agencia de Saneamiento, o si tiene alguna pregunta acerca de la Tarifa de Recursos Sólidos, o cree que usted tiene derecho a una exención de esta Tarifa, y / o cree que se le está cargando esta Tarifa por error (o en una cantidad errónea), por favor llame a la Agencia de Saneamiento al 1-800-773-2489 (1-800-773-CITY), TDD (1-213-473-5663). (Disponible de lunes a viernes, 7:30 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.).

(Section added: 1/12/11; Modified: 2/9/11)
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Bureau of Sanitation Lifeline Recertification Letter and Form - All lifeline customer eligibility needs must be verified every two years to determine if the discounted rate should continue.

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Effective September 1, 2008, the State has made it illegal to dispose of SHARPS (needles, syringes, carpules, lancets, endo files, prefilled pens, etc) in the trash or in landfills.  City residents can dispose of their SHARPS in a legal and safe manner (free of charge) at one of the following: S.A.F.E. Collection Centers; Mobile Collection Events; or Community Clean-Up Events.  For location and schedules call 1-800-98-TOXIC, 3-1-1, or by accessing SAFE Center Locations or Collection Schedule.  Residents that bring sharps to one of the locations listed above can receive a free SHARPS container for safe handling of their home generated SHARPS.

In addition, the Bureau of Sanitation has also developed a program to assist home-bound residents that are unable to deliver SHARPS to a location listed above.  Home-bound residents may call 1-800-98-TOXIC for details.
Sharps Flyer: English / Spanish Sharps Brochure: English / Spanish

* Warning: Disposing of household chemicals in your trash, storm drains or sewers damages the environment, and is AGAINST THE LAW. Illegal dumping carries a minimum fine of $5000 per day per violation up to $100,000 per day per violation or imprisonment (Section 25189.5, Health & Safety Code).  Take these items to our S.A.F.E. Centers.  The City of Los Angeles also operates the "HAZMOBILE" drop-off program to provide for the safe and legal disposal of your unwanted household chemicals.  (ScheduleCall your local LAPD station on how to dispose of ammunition & explosives, call the LADHS Radiation Management Dept at 213 351-7897 about radioactive materials or call one of these other agencies.



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