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The City is committed to managing its biosolids in an environmentally sound, socially acceptable, and cost-effective manner. We are constantly reviewing the program and incorporating continual improvements. Recently the City completed an interim audit of their Biosolids EMS Program. The audit was performed September 28 to October 1, 2015 by a 3rd party auditor. The auditor verified that the City’s biosolids program meets the requirements of the National Biosolids Partnership (NBP) Biosolids Management Program (BMP) and recommended continued certification in the NBP BMP at the Platinum Level status. To view a summary of the findings and the final audit report click here.

Deep Well Injection: T.I.R.E.

The City of Los Angeles and GeoMechanics Technology in collaboration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and with research support from the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation has embarked on an innovative technology to inject biosolids deep below the geological subsurface at its Terminal Island Water Reclamation Plant (TIWRP). The Terminal Island Renewable Energy Project known at TIRE, the first of its kind in the nation, has been in operation for over four -years. TIRE, which is being demonstrated under a U.S. EPA Underground Injection Control (UIC) permit places biosolids in depleted deep subsurface oil and gas formations where the earth’s high temperature would biodegrade the organic compounds to generate methane gas that can ultimately be used to produce an environmentally safe renewable energy, while the carbon dioxide is sequestered. Three wells have been drilled to a depth of approximately 5300 feet beneath the TIWRP. So far, TIRE has successfully injected over 200 million gallons of bio-slurry material, which includes, brine, treated effluent, digested sludge and re-slurried biosolids. Currently all 50 tons of biosolids produced at TIWRP is being managed at the TIRE facility and 150 tons from the Hyperion Treatment Plant. The injection well is accepting the material and formation response is good. The operations are continuously monitored daily and data is reported to the U. S. EPA and a Technical Advisory Committee.

To learn more about the project click the links below.

Environmental documents, permits, and contracts were completed and approved for the TIRE project. Click the links below to view the permits and contracts associated with the project.

To ensure that the interested parties and public are engaged and informed about the TIRE project, the City provides presentations, tours and project updates. The first presentation was held in 2001 where over 43 participants attended. To date over 165 presentations and more than 5000 people updates have been provided.

Project Updates

The City will provide updates on the events and activities related to the project. Check back periodically to find out the project status and view photos.

  • Permit issued in November 2006
  • Groundbreaking occurred April 2007 and construction began June 2007
  • Construction began June 2007
  • First two wells completed June and July 2007
  • Tested injection equipment with effluent and brine - July 2008
  • Injected digested sludge - August 2008
  • Injected dewatered Biosolids (Wet Cake) - September 2008
  • Completed Phase III project milestones - June 2009
  • Completed four years of biosolids injection operations - July 2012
  • Injected over 200 million gallons of bio-slurry material since July 2008 - Oct 2012
  • National League of Cities Silver Award -December 2010
  • Collected monthly air samples since January 2011
  • Submitted January-March 2011 Quarterly Report-May 2011
  • Monitoring well SFI#3 in operation - May 2011
  • Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) Award for Excellence in Innovation - 2011
  • Second EPA Permit Issued - December 2013
  • Injected over 280 million gallons of bio-slurry material July 2014
  • Drilled 4th injection well - April 2014

Photos of projects activities - Revised

If you would like a tour and/or presentation of the TIRE project contact us at 213-847-5179 or the information listed on the bottom of this page.

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Wells being drilled at Terminal Island.

Bureau staff discussing project with EPA staff.

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