Franchise ORDINANCE 182986- Adopted April 2014; CF 10-1797-S16

CEQA Documents

Final Implementation Plan for Exclusive Commercial and Multifamily Franchise Hauling System
  Franchise Implementation Plan April 12, 2013 Final
  Transmittal Letter cf#10-1797 April 12, 2013
  Attachment A CF#1797
  Attachment B1 CF 1797-S15
  Attachment B2 CF 1797-S15
  Attachment B3 CF 1797-S15

Bureau of Sanitation Reported, Dated February 13, 2012 (As Amended by Board)

Scoping Meeting Presentation for Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for City Ordinance: City-Wide Exclusive Franchise System for Municipal Solid Waste Collection and Handling

Revised NOP of an EIR for City Ordinance: City-wide Exclusive Franchise